Since the summer of 2020, we’ve documented the impact of the pandemic on housing and evictions. We followed tenants, landlords, lawyers, judges, sheriffs and social workers across the U.S. who were affected. Facing Eviction airs on Frontline PBS on July 26 at 10/9c. Click here to subscribe to our newsletters

Facing Eviction Trailer

Producer and Writer: Bonnie Bertram
Editor: Anne Checler
Co-Producers: Anne Checler and Erik German
Associate Producer: Emily Orr
Field Producers: Daniel Casarez and Brian Palmer
Graphics: Cullen Golden

To stave off a nationwide housing crisis during the coronavirus pandemic, Washington lawmakers passed a massive spending package and officials implemented new housing policies, including a nationwide ban on evictions. In cities across the nation, Retro Report and Frontline captured this unprecedented period. Reporting from Texas, California, New Jersey and elsewhere, reporters examined this massive, years-long experiment in housing policy through the eyes of tenants, landlords, social workers and court officers who were on the frontlines.

A special thank you to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and Economic Hardship Reporting Project for supporting this project.

The Wall Street Journal ‘Facing Eviction’ Review: When Help Is Less Than Helpful: ‘Frontline’ looks at tenants and landlords across the U.S. struggling with the complex bureaucracy of eviction moratoriums in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis.