The murder of four American churchwomen focused attention on the United States’ involvement in El Salvador. Decades later, the case continues to take surprising turns.

The Murder of US Churchwomen in El Salvador That Exposed a Government Coverup

In 1980, four American churchwomen, working as missionaries, were raped and then murdered in El Salvador. The killings created a storm of protest in the United States, revealed the brutality of the civil war in El Salvador and raised awareness about America’s policies in Central America. Now, the families of the slain churchwomen are still hoping to find justice — this time in American immigration courts. After watching the video, click here to see a photo essay be Susan Meiselas, with an introduction by Raymond Bonner. In January of 1982, in the midst of El Salvador’s civil war, photographer Susan Meiselas and reporter Raymond Bonner clandestinely crossed the border from Honduras to begin a reporting assignment behind guerrilla lines. Traveling at night to avoid detection by Salvadoran troops, leftist guerillas eventually brought them to a small village — El Mozote — and to an unspeakable crime.

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