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Standards Index: D2.Geo.12.9-12.

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Evaluate the consequences of human-made catastrophe on politics.

Ecology: The Yellowstone Wildfires of 1988

Students will learn how the Yellowstone fires of 1988 created a national controversy that challenged long-held assumptions about the role that fires should play in forestry policy.

Influencing Policy: Evolution and the First Amendment

Students will learn how some students, scientists and advocacy organizations have sought to influence the way evolution is taught in public schools, and how this debate relates to court rulings involving the First Amendment’s establishment clause.

Influencing Public Policy: Food Safety

Students will learn how human-made catastrophes can help to shape federal policy on food safety.

Influencing Public Policy: The Story of Thalidomide

Students will learn how a prescription medication’s devastating side effects shocked the nation decades ago and led to today’s federal drug safety guidelines.

Influencing Public Policy: Vaccines

Students will learn about the importance to public health of vaccines. They will gain news literacy by examining troubled reporting and public health messaging around the measles vaccine, and discover why we’re dealing with the repercussions today.

Love Canal and the Environmental Protection Agency

Students will learn how toxic waste dumped under the community of Love Canal led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Superfund program.

Nuclear Power: From Three Mile Island to Fukushima

Students will learn how nuclear energy’s prospects were dimmed by accidents at Three Mile Island and Fukushima, and how modern concerns over climate change have sparked a complex debate about whether nuclear energy’s risks and waste are justified by its reduction in carbon emissions.

The Roots of Recycling

Students will learn the story behind the recycling movement and examine how public attitudes have changed over the past five decades.

The Second Amendment: Siege at Waco

Students will learn how the federal government’s botched raid on the compound of the Branch Davidian religious sect in 1993 led to decades of controversy over Second Amendment rights.