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Big Idea 3:

Interactions between different species and the environment (EIN)

Big Idea 4:

Sustainability (STB)

Topic 5.17: Sustainable Forestry

Skill 7.F: Justify a proposed solution by explaining potential advantages.

Big Idea: Sustainability (STB)

Topic 6.6: Nuclear Power

Skill 1.C: Explain environmental concepts or models in applied contexts.

Big Idea: Energy Transfer (ENO).

Topic 8.10: Waste Reduction Methods
  • STB-3.M.1: Recycling is a process by which certain solid waste materials are processed and converted into new products.
  • STB-3.M.2: Recycling is one way to reduce the current global demands on minerals, but this process is energy intensive and can be costly.
Topic 8.2: Human Impacts on Ecosystems

Skill 1.A: Describe environmental concepts and processes.

Big Idea: Sustainability (STB)

Topic 8.9: Solid Waste Disposal
  • STB-3.K.1: Solid waste is any discarded material that is not a liquid or a gas. It is generated in domestic, industrial, business, and agricultural sectors.
  • STB-3.K.2: Solid waste is often disposed of in landfills. Landfills can contaminate groundwater and release harmful gasses.