Weekly Recommended Reading

Who killed the prime minister? The unsolved murder that still haunts Sweden, and more...

Who Killed the Prime Minister? Three decades ago, Olof Palme was assassinated on Stockholm's busiest street. The killer has never been found. Could the discovery of new evidence finally close the case?, from The Guardian

An Audience of Athletes: The Rise and Fall of Feminist Sports Billie Jean King once tried to find a sustainable business model for feminist sports coverage. Then women's fitness tried to revive the swimsuit model, from Longreads

Psychiatry, Racism, and the Birth of ‘Sesame Street' How an African-American psychiatrist helped design a groundbreaking television show as a radical therapeutic tool for helping minority preschoolers, from Undark

The Disaster and How Some Escaped Scenes from the life (and death) of Archibald Butt, a man utterly unimportant in the making of history, from Believer Magazine

The Lazy Susan: Who Was Susan, and Why Was She So Lazy?, from Hunker