Weekly Recommended Reading

Where Is Barack Obama?, Black Wall Street, etc

Where Is Barack Obama? The most popular American, whose legacy is the primary target of Donald Trump, has, for now, virtually disappeared from public life, from New York

‘Nothing to worry about. The water is fine': how Flint poisoned its people, from The Guardian

We've Found $16.1 Million in Political and Taxpayer Spending at Trump Properties, Most came from political entities such as the Trump campaign, but government agencies chipped in, too. “I could offer clarity,” one federal employee explained, “but I choose not to." From ProPublica

The Bungled Bank Robbery That Ended in a Landmark Legal Ruling In 1958, John Leo Brady got his lover pregnant and decided to stick up a bank to fund a new life. It ended with a murder, a Supreme Court case, and the formation of the Brady rule, from Long Reads

Black Wall Street: The African American Haven That Burned and Then Rose From the Ashes, from The Ringer

Complicating the Narratives: What if journalists covered controversial issues differently — based on how humans actually behave when they are polarized and suspicious?, from The Whole Story

Here's What Happened the Last Time the Left Got Nasty History shows why Democrats shouldn't take the low road, from Politico