Weekly Recommended Reading

What it's like working for Sinclair, how Trump got on the Forbes 400 list, and more

She Tried To Report On Climate Change. Sinclair Told Her To Be More “Balanced.” For three years, Suri Crowe worked for a TV station owned by Sinclair. She clashed with management — including over stories about climate change and guns, from BuzzFeed

Trump lied to me about his wealth to get onto the Forbes 400. Here are the tapes, from The Washington Post

‘They Were Never Going to Let Me Be President' Covering Hillary Clinton's campaign from before it started to the very last moment, from The New York Times

Framed for Murder By His Own DNA We leave traces of our genetic material everywhere, even on things we've never touched. That got Lukis Anderson charged with a brutal crime he didn't commit, from The Marshall Project

The Delay After an 11-year-old Navajo girl was kidnapped, her family and friends sprang into action to find her. Why did it take so long for law enforcement to join them? from Esquire

An Anti-Immigration Speech Divided Britain 50 Years Ago. It Still Echoes Today, from NPR