Weekly Recommended Reading

The Tragedy of Baltimore, The Big Brexit Short and more

The Tragedy of Baltimore Since Freddie Gray's death in 2015, violent crime has spiked to levels unseen for a quarter century. How order collapsed in an American city, from Pro Publica and The New York Times Magazine

The Big Brexit Short On the night of the Brexit referendum the British pound went into free fall, but while many watched with horror, a handful of hedge funds were making staggering profits, video from Bloomberg

How We Tried to Slow the Rush to War in Iraq And why the lessons from my time in the Bush administration are relevant today, from Politico

A Journey to the Disappointment Islands In 1765, an English explorer gave two islands a rather unfortunate name that has sheltered them from the world and preserved one of Earth's last paradises, from the BBC

The Great Lost Dead Archive As a longtime sound engineer for the Grateful Dead, Dan Healy pioneered the way live music hits you in the gut—and he amassed a rich collection of tour tees along the way. Then he forgot about it, from GQ

Columbine Survivors Talk About the Wounds That Won’t Heal from Westword