Weekly Recommended Reading

How Sinclair is growing its conservative media empire, a Year of #MeToo, etc

Unprotected An acclaimed American charity said it was saving some of the world's most vulnerable girls from sexual exploitation. But from the very beginning, girls were being raped, from ProPublica and TIME

‘I Had a Moral Duty': Whistleblowers on Why They Spoke Up, from The Guardian

The Love Story that Upended the Texas Prison System In 1967, a 56-year-old lawyer met a young inmate with a brilliant mind and horrifying stories about life inside. Their complicated alliance—and even more complicated romance—would shed light on a nationwide scandal, disrupt a system of abuse and virtual slavery across the state, and change incarceration in Texas forever, from Texas Monthly

The People Who Moved to Chernobyl, from BBC News

A Year of #MeToo Exhausted Women—And Renewed Our Collective Hope If we cannot name our oppression—if we cannot articulate the violence that has been done to us—it will be impossible to fight against it, or to prevent it from happening again, from Broadly

The Growth of Sinclair's Conservative Media Empire The company has achieved formidable reach by focussing on small markets where its TV stations can have a big influence, from The New Yorker