Weekly Recommended Reading

Who Owns South Africa?, How Beef Has Changed America, etc

Who Owns South Africa?​ ​A fiercely debated program of land reform could address racial injustice—or cause chaos​, from The New Yorker

The ​P​rice of ​P​lenty: ​H​ow ​B​eef ​C​hanged America​ ​Exploitation and predatory pricing drove the transformation of the US beef industry – and created the model for modern agribusiness​, from The Guardian

​’Either They Kill Us or We Kill Them’ ​In one of the deadliest cities in the world, an embattled group of young men had little but their tiny patch of turf — and they would die to protect it. Journalists from The New York Times spent weeks recording their struggle​, from The New York Times

Two and a Half Decades Observing Life in Rural America​, photos from The New Yorker