Weekly Recommended Reading

Saving lives with tech, ten years after the crash and more

Ten Years After the Crash, We Are Still Living in the World It Brutally Remade, from New York Magazine

A Guantanamo Guard And His Detainee Reunite, from NPR

The Bitter End of Robert Mugabe’s Presidency Telling the story of Africa's longest-ruling leader through stories of those he inspired – and those he destroyed, from Delayed Gratification

The ‘Steely-Eyed Killer' Who Became a Star on Fox News – Then Lost It All For years, Bill Cowan ran top-secret programs for the Pentagon and appeared regularly on Fox as a military analyst. Today, he's on the run, from Politico Magazine

Inside Rodrigo Duterte's Raging War on Drugs In the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte's war on drugs rages on, its death toll of 8,000 dwarfed only by the estimated million more condemned by the president's ‘kill lists', from GQ