Weekly Recommended Reading

Protecting the Shield, USA Gymnastics' Blind Eye, Disaster Tourism, etc

Protecting the Shield Killed. Beaten. Stalked. More than 200 citizens across the state have been victimized in recent years by out-of-control rogue cops. In many cases, the cops kept their jobs, even got promoted – while tens of millions of your tax dollars kept the abuses quiet, from Asbury Park Press

The Untold Story of the Pentagon Papers Co-Conspirators Speaking publicly for the first time, a historian reveals the crucial role that he and a small band of others played in helping Daniel Ellsberg leak the documents to journalists, from The New Yorker

A Blind Eye to Sex Abuse: How USA Gymnastics Failed to Report Cases The Prominent Olympic Organization Failed to Alert Authorities to Many Allegations of Sexual Abuse by Coaches, from The Indianapolis Star

The Disaster Tourist For $2500 you too could be responsible for a geopolitical calamity, from Huffington Post Highline

Taking Police Reform to Trump Country Meet Sheriff Michael Chitwood, a Yankee cop in good-ol'-boy territory, from The Marshall Project and PBS NewsHour

Escape from the Rock How the only successful Alcatraz prison break in history was torn from the pages of Popular Mechanics, from Popular Mechanics