Weekly Recommended Reading

Journey of a Bullet, Everyone Got The Pulse Massacre Story Completely Wrong, etc

Journey of a Bullet A gunshot wound may heal, but the bullet remains embedded in every facet of the survivor's life, from NBC News

A Betrayal The teenager told police all about his gang, MS-13. In return, he was slated for deportation and marked for death, from ProPublica and New York Magazine

Everyone Got The Pulse Massacre Story Completely Wrong And another, smaller injustice was obscured: the sadistic prosecution of Noor Salman, from from Huffpost

The ISIS Files We unearthed thousands of internal documents that help explain how the Islamic State stayed in power so long, from The New York Times

The Candid Cameras of Attica How Nearly 2,000 Cameras Tamed America’s Most Notorious Prison, from The Marshall Project

Patagonia vs. Donald Trump We all knew the legendary outerwear company Patagonia lived and breathed the adventurous life. We knew they cared about the environment. But it wasn't till Trump came along that we realized they were ready to fight, from GQ