Weekly Recommended Reading

America's original "welfare queen" and more

The Queen Linda Taylor committed abhorrent crimes. She became a legend for the least of them. A new podcast on the life of America's original “welfare queen,” podcast from Slate

How the homophobic media covered the 1969 Stonewall uprising The New York Daily News and the Village Voice used slurs in their reporting about the police raid that galvanized the gay rights movement, from The Washington Post

An Overloaded Ferry Flipped and Drowned Hundreds of Schoolchildren. Could It Happen Again? South Korea promised to root out a culture that put profit ahead of safety. But cheating and corruption continue to endanger travelers. Promises Made is a new series that investigates whether those in power did what they said they would, from The New York Times

El Chapo: what the rise and fall of the kingpin reveals about the war on drugs As the capture and conviction of Mexico's notorious drug lord has shown, taking down the boss doesn't mean taking down the organisation, from The Guardian

Digging Into the Messy History of “Latinx” Helped Me Embrace My Complex Identity, from Mother Jones

Jamestown: Utopia for Whom A gripping recounting of the true story of Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America, shows how failure can be a transformative experience, and also how the stories we tell ourselves about the failures inform the way we live today, podcast from Nice Try!