Weekly Recommended Reading

A Most American Terrorist, My Life as a Russian Propaganda Network...

Some reading for the week ahead – a round up of retrospective reporting recommended by our producers.

A Most American Terrorist The Making of Dylann Roof, from GQ

My Life at a Russian Propaganda Network I thought they'd let me be a real journalist at Sputnik news. I was wrong, from Politico

Every moment in Donald Trump's long and complicated history with race from PBS NewsHour

The Obscure EPA Rule That Brought Down a Trump Adviser Carl Icahn's resignation showcases how Trump's circle regards the presidency as a corporate raid on Washington, podcast from Slate

America’s First Addiction Epidemic The alcohol epidemic devastated Native American communities, leading to crippling poverty, astonishingly high mortality rates, the desperate exodus of entire nations — and a successful sobriety movement, from Longreads