Weekly Recommended Reading

Escaping Kakuma, How Fast Food Chains Supersize Inequality...

Some reading for the week ahead – a round up of retrospective reporting recommended by our producers.

Escaping Kakuma Soccer and the pursuit of meaning inside the world's third-largest refugee camp, from SB Nation

Departing AP reporter looks back at Venezuela's slide from the Associated Press

In Buffalo’s Children, Wounds No One Sees Thousands of Buffalo’s schoolchildren live on streets where violence is a constant part of their lives. It leaves a mark, from The Buffalo News

How Fast Food Chains Supersize Inequality Fast food did not just find its way to low-income neighborhoods. It was brought there by the federal government, from New Republic

He Defended the Woman Who Drowned Her Five Children — Then Dedicated His Life to Making Sure It Never Happens Again, from Narratively

The “this is fine” bias in cable news Could the neutral tone of our most respected pundits actually be damaging? from Vox