Weekly Recommended Reading

Jared Kushner’s Other Real Estate Empire, Prosecutors Race to Keep Angel-of-Death Behind Bars...

Some reading for the week ahead – a round up of retrospective reporting recommended by our producers.

Jared Kushner's Other Real Estate Empire Baltimore-area renters complain about a property owner they say is neglectful and litigious. Few know their landlord is the president's son-in-law, from The New York Times and ProPublica

Ray Spencer Didn’t Molest His Kids. So Why Did He Spend 20 Years in Prison for It? from Esquire

Trump wasn't always so linguistically challenged. What could explain the change?, from STAT

Prosecutors Race to Keep Angel-of-Death Behind Bars Texas is scheduled to release Genene Jones, a former nurse and suspected serial killer of children, early next year, from Texas Monthly

Scientists really aren’t the best champions of climate science Why aren't facts enough to get us to act on global warming? from Vox