Weekly Recommended Reading

'I Hope Someone Truly Shoots You', Puerto Rico Is Burning Its Dead, etc.

‘I hope someone truly shoots you’: online conspiracy theorists harass Vegas victims, from The Guardian

Puerto Rico Is Burning Its Dead, And We May Never Know How Many People The Hurricane Really Killed, from BuzzFeed

We Are Witness The American criminal justice system consists of 2.2 million people behind bars, plus tens of millions of family members, corrections and police officers, parolees, victims of crime, judges, prosecutors and defenders. We hear their stories, from The Marshall Project

Lost and Found Several long-serving members of NecroSearch, the world's preeminent group for locating and retrieving missing bodies, are nearing retirement age. What will happen to the Colorado-based volunteer organization once they're gone? from 5280.com

How Russian trolls lie their way to the top of your news feed Propaganda campaigns are more than fake news. Trolls have learned to game social media algorithms and create their artificial viral moments, from CNET

Rediscovering History’s Lost First Female Video Game Designer, from Fast Company