Facing Eviction Education Resource

_Facing Eviction_ reveals how the Covid-19 eviction moratorium impacted landlords, sheriffs, judges, lawyers and social workers to give a holistic view of how tenants navigate a possible eviction.

Facing Eviction: Introduction (Excerpt)

Facing Eviction takes viewers inside the unfolding housing crisis during the pandemic. Our unprecedented access to people struggling to stay in their homes, and the landlords, judges and law enforcement who carried out evictions, shows how the promise of a ban on evictions played out against the reality for the tens of millions of Americans at risk of homelessness during Covid-19 pandemic.

Facing Eviction: Landlords and Law Enforcement (Excerpt)

While Facing Eviction emphasize the tenant’s experience, it also shows how complicated it is for almost everyone involved. Landlords don’t like to evict tenants because, among other things, they lose rental income and sheriffs often feel compassion for the people they’re putting out – one constable told us it’s the worst part of her job.

Facing Eviction: Teresa (Excerpt)

We discovered that rather than a uniform national housing policy, there was a patchwork of approaches that varied state by state, and outcomes often came down to what county, or even city, a tenant lived in. Our reporting bore out the historic fact that families were the most impacted.

Facing Eviction: (Full Film)

The unfolding housing crisis was practically invisible to the public. Retro Report and PBS Frontline invested the time and resources to document the stories of the most vulnerable who were hidden behind closed doors. Facing Eviction provides a rare and intimate look at a basic human right, housing, in a way that hasn’t been seen before.