AP United States History Collection

This collection contains over 75 films for use in the AP United States History course. The resources for Units 8 & 9 are separated by topic.

Pre-1900 (Periods 4-6):

The films and lessons in this section focus on two political party conventions of the 1800s and an essential period of indigenous history that began during westward expansion and continued for more than a century.

Period 8: 1945-1980 Topic 8.2, The Cold War from 1945-1980

Diplomatic, economic, cultural, and military interactions between empires, nations, and peoples shape the development of America and America’s increasingly important role in the world.

Topic 8.3 The Red Scare

Films aligned with this topic focus on the actions and legacy of Joseph McCarthy and his crusade to expose suspected or imagined communists.

Topics 8.7 & 8.8 America as a World Power and the Vietnam War

These resources center on the emergence of Cold War flashpoints and debates.

Topic 8.9 The Great Society

These films and lessons examine Lyndon Johnson's election as president and the ensuing midterm to provide context for the changing political dynamic in the country.

Topic 8.13 The Environment and Natural Resources from 1968 to 1980

Geographic and environmental factors, including competition over and debates about natural resources, shaped public policy and social movements.

Period 9: 1980-Present Topic 9.2 Reagan and Conservatism

The emergence of Ronald Reagan and a successful brand of conservative politics influenced the political, social and economic changes of this time period. Some of these resources extend beyond Reagan's time in office, but were heavily influenced by conservative politics.

Topic 9.5 Migration and Immigration in the 1990s and 2000s

New sets of push and pull factors shaped immigration to the United States and influenced both economic and cultural debates.

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