AP Human Geography Collection

This collection features over 30 films and lessons for use in AP Human Geography, across nearly all units for the course.

Unit 1: Thinking Geographically

This first unit is about examining the essential ideas and skills used by geographers. Most of the resources in this section examine Human-Environmental Interaction.

Unit 2: Population & Migration

What patterns and circumstances are associated with how, where and why people live where they do? Examine resources that explain reasons for immigration.

Unit 3: Cultural Patterns & Processes

How does culture develop and spread? These films and lessons will help students examine how identity is formed in spite of obstacles.

Unit 5: Agriculture and Rural Land Use

This unit examines the origins of agriculture and its subsequent diffusion. The accompanying resources focus on the challenges of contemporary agriculture.

Unit 6: Cities & Urban Land Use

Students will examine patterns of change over time and modern challenges to urbanization. These films and lessons hone in on urban changes and the effect of discrimination.

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