About Us: Retro Report Education

What is Retro Report Education?

Retro Report is a non-profit journalism organization. In your classroom, we can help foster engagement and critical thinking skills with over 250 short videos that connect history to today.

Our videos are perfect for many classroom subjects, particularly U.S. History, Civics & Government, Media Literacy, World History, Psychology, and Environmental Studies.

All of our videos, lessons, and student activities are completely FREE.

    What we offer:

    • Award-winning short videos that bring history to life
    • Free lesson plans and student activities
    • Webinars and professional development opportunities
    • Classroom visits by Retro Report journalists
    • Paid Teacher Advisory Groups

    Teacher Led. Teacher Focused.

    Our goal at Retro Report is to meet the needs of educators and provide high quality, FREE materials to help connect past and present.

    Before joining us as Director of Education, David Olson spent over 15 years leading Middle School, High School, and College classrooms. Like him, teachers across the country have used our videos to bring history to life for their students. Here’s what educators have to say about Retro Report.

    Contact Dave via email at: dolson@retroreport.com or connect with him on Twitter @davidjohnolson

      Retro Report is committed to supporting and uplifting teachers’ voices! We are pleased to announce the creation of two groups to help us respond to the needs of educators and amplify our message. They run for Spring until the end of December.

      Council of Educators

      These accomplished educators amplify and uplift teachers’ voices. They advise Retro Report on our educational mission, helping us to create outstanding free resources for teachers.

      Teacher Ambassadors

      Ambassadors provide feedback on our resources and amplify our message by sharing with their communities how they use Retro Report in their classrooms.