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History is Repeating Itself

A law school professor is challenging Trump’s travel ban 25 years after he challenged the government as a student. For more, watch our collaboration with FRONTLINE, February 21st at 10pm ET on PBS.


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Featured image for Malaria and the Silent Spring

Malaria and the Silent Spring

Author Rachel Carson’s strike against the pesticide DDT turned her into both an environmental hero and a foil for those who believe regulation has gone too far. That fight is more relevant than ever.
Featured image for Could You Patent the Sun?

Could You Patent the Sun?

Decades after Dr. Jonas Salk opposed patenting the polio vaccine, the pharmaceutical industry has changed.  What does that mean for the development of innovative drugs and for people whose lives depend on them?
Featured image for The Fight to Save the Amazon

The Fight to Save the Amazon

In 1988, the murder of Chico Mendes fueled a movement of activists, celebrities and indigenous peoples that helped to make the rainforest a household name. But what happens now?
Featured image for Activating a Generation

Activating a Generation

Thirty years after “Live Aid” changed the face of charity fundraising, clicktivism has taken center stage. If you share, re-tweet and like, are you making the world a better place?
Featured image for Defusing War’s Perfect Soldiers

Defusing War’s Perfect Soldiers

In 1997, Princess Diana brought public attention to land mine victims. But, almost two decades after her death, how much progress has been made in the worldwide fight against leftover munitions?
Featured image for Prop 13: Mad As Hell

Prop 13: Mad As Hell

In 1978, voters passed Proposition 13, lowering taxes for millions of California homeowners. Decades later, what has it meant for California?
Featured image for Unraveling Zero Tolerance

Unraveling Zero Tolerance

Over the last 30 years, schools across the country have enacted tough new discipline policies. Some of those schools say they went too far.
Featured image for The Great Debate: Style or Substance?

The Great Debate: Style or Substance?

The moments we remember from political debates are embedded in our political folklore, from the knockout lines to the losing gaffes. But does media coverage often miss the real lessons they offer?
Featured image for Where Does the American Dream Live?

Where Does the American Dream Live?

How a little-known public housing program from the 1970s is changing housing policy today.

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The Shadow of Thalidomide
Jim O’Neill, a possible Trump pick to head the FDA, could loosen the drug approval procedure that Congress toughened because of thalidomide. Watch this thalidomide refresher…
A Right to Die?
Neil Gorsuch,Trump’s SCOTUS nominee, is very opposed to assisted suicide/right to die. Here’s what it’s all about:
Pets Gone Wild
With the python problem in the Florida Everglades totally out of control, snake hunters from India are being brought in as the latest weapon. Watch the backstory here.
Malaria and the Silent Spring
Producers Kit Roane and Sarah Weiser delve into many of the inaccuracies surrounding Rachel Carson, ‘Silent Spring’ and the banning of DDT. 
Vaccines: An Unhealthy Skepticism
Vaccine skeptic RFK, Jr. says that Donald Trump has asked him to head up a panel on vaccination safety and scientific integrity.  Watch our report to see why this is causing alarm.
The Boy in the Bubble
New research shows that some immune disorders like SCID, the “bubble boy” disease, are caused by having too little diversity in immune T and B cells. Watch the backstory here…
Could You Patent the Sun?
Clyde Haberman discusses pharmaceutical patents and profits that are derived from taxpayer dollars with WNYC’s The Takeaway.
The Shadow of Thalidomide
Jim O’Neill, Donald Trump’s reputed pick for FDA chief, wants drugmakers to sell first, then test later. But Thalidomide shows us why this may not be a good idea. Watch “The Shadow of Thalidomide.”